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Learn how to support your skin during experiencing maskne!
Learn how to support your skin during experiencing maskne!

Dermatologists are seeing more acne in adults, predominantly in women, than they had in the last years

Fabric mask wear will increase skin temperatures and lead to increased sweat retention in normal individuals and worsen symptoms in those with facial hyperhidrosis

When a mask rubs against the skin, it can irritate small hair follicles, which triggers inflammation and generates acne.

How to Avoid Maskne? Read On.

Gentle, non-comedogenic, antibacterial cleansers, preferably with a pH between 5 and 7.3 (the closest to normal skin value), should be used to maintain a healthy skin microbiome.

Leave-on skincare
Avoid alcohol and synthetic oil in leave-on acne skincare formulations while using masks, due to the increased risk of irritant contact dermatitis under prolonged occlusion.

Serum, mist, lotion, and cream-based vehicles, preferred over ointments. Moisturizers are essential in the maintenance of a healthy skin barrier function and reduce disruption of the skin microbiome, besides acting as a shield against external triggers.

How to Avoid Maskne? Read On.
The Solution
The Solution

Active clean is formulated to fight acne or mskne
With a patented exlusive complex and a great
Combination of AHA+BHA

Village 11 Factory®
Active Clean Gel Cleanser
Mildly acidic gel cleanser with pH 5.5 close to healthy skin pH, deeply cleans out pores, sebum, and dead skin cells while keeping skin moisturized.

Village 11 Factory®
Active Clean Toner
Light-textured toner improves skin texture, removes dead skin cells, and controls pores while keeping skin hydrated.

Active Clean Serum
Effectively exfoliates skin cells and smooths skin while improving skin condition and maintains skin moisturized.

Village 11 Factory®
Active Clean Facial Mask
with Tea Tree or Lemon
A sheet mask that naturally adheres to your skin, delivering deep hydration, improving overall skin tone and dull skin with the power of Lemon extract or Tea Tree extract and Village 11 Factory’s exclusive 11™ complex.

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