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Newsletter No.3

In the winter, humidity levels go down causing our skin dryness.

The skin is about 60-70% water and water in our epidermis naturally decreases as we age.

The skin is benefitted well when it is hydrated as it improves the detox process.

Causes of dry skin:

· Low environmental temperature and humidity. 
· Abrupt changes in environmental condition.
· Modern indoor climate -controlled environments. 
· Surfactant dissolution of stratum corneum lipid and consequent natural moisturizing factor loss.
· Chronological ageing. Reduction of stratum corneum ceramide levels, progressive impairment of barrier function
· Psychological stress
· Genetics

Causes of dry skin:
 The Solution
The Solution

The line offers a complete set of deep hydrating products to relieve dryness, provide intense
hydrating and moisturizing benefits to skin.

Village 11 Factory®
Hydro Boost Toner
8 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol:
- provides intense hydration
Chamomile extract and Allantoin:
- calm down the skin and keep it soothed and moisturized for a long time.

Village 11 Factory®
Hydro Boost Serum
8 types of Hyaluronic Acid:
- delivers moisture
Jojoba Esters:
- replenishes vitality and holds in moisture for vital and luminous skin.

Village 11 Factory®
Hydro Boost Gel Cream

8 types of Hyaluronic Acid:
- powerfully hydrates skin
Allantoin and Chamomile extract:
- soothe and maintain skin healthier without a heavy finish.

Village 11 Factory®
Hydro Boost Eye Cream

1% of Shea Butter:
- deeply nourishes the eye area
Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid:
- improve the skin barrier for a radiant eye look.

Village 11 Factory®
Hydro Boost Mask Sheet
Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe

A bamboo-based sheet mask that perfectly adheres to skin
- provide an extra load of moisture and plump the skin
Hyaluronic Acid :
- soothe the skin and restore skin hydration

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